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No. 7 Gossamer July 1941
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The course of a River


The Aftermath

When this darned war is over,

And victory is gained ;

When all the men are home again,

Forgetting all they've trained ;

When Hitler and his gangsters,

In Hades air their views ;

When soldiers wear red coats again,

And khaki clothes are news,

I'm going to eat twelve oranges,

And several onions, too.

I am 'n all !

When Rowntree's, Cadbury's, all of them,

Their sweet supplies renew ;

And we can buy the clothes we need,

Without those coupons few;

When fiire watching is no more,

And gas masks are not seen ;

When in the shelter we can place

A billiard table green ;

I'm going to eat a pound of cheese,

And p'r'aps an egg or two.

I am 'n all !

When Churchill says, ''We've beaten 'em ;

Those vile Teutonic boars,''

Then we'll switch all the lights on,

And open all the doors,

And tear up all the ration books,

And sing ''God save the King'' ;

Then back to London town I'll go ;

Perhaps I'll shed a tear,

To leave Long Eaton and the friends

That have become so dear.

I will 'n all !

An Evaciee.
Photo reference: 07-Gossamer08