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School Photographs
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VI form-1943
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5th Form 1942
BACK ROW: 1 Tony Stevens; 2, Len Pape; 3, Keith Johnson; 4, Mason Thompson; 5, Michael Gummery; 6, ? (Shush) Shaw; 7, Gerald Wright; 8, Tom Godfrey; 9, Norman Shelley; 10, Henry Elliott; 11, Trerry Summers.

2nd ROW: 1, Eileen Fuller; 2, Daphne Robbins; 3, Joyce Sharlott; 4, Betty West?; 5, Betty Ponton; 6, Ella Gentis; 7, Brenda Jarman; 8, NK; 9, Pamela Wilkinson; 10, Betty Wragg.

FRONT ROW: 1, Joan Plackett; 2 & 3 NK.

Notation by: Tom Godfrey, Ella Gentis via Keith Reedman, Mason Thompson via Julia Sugars.

Photo is from Thomas Godfrey. Probably taken summer 1944 on the sports field at the back of the school by the huts, by Freddie Mansfield
Photo reference: VI_form-1943