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School Photographs
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1951-rj-School Photo
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1951 Form 5
AT THE BACK: Geoffrey Kingscott (large shirt collar), Brian Slatcher, Brian Greenwood, Peter Felstead, Mr Pritchard (Physics teacher/form master), Brian Pearson, Robin Jones, Newnes, Bill Hazzeldine and Brian Lawton.

MIDDLE: dk boy, Carol Perry, Anne Roberts, Billy Poyser, dk boy dk girl, dk girl ,Brenda Sheldon, Nigel Disney (holding girl), Reg Anthony.

FRONT: Peter Marshall, dk boy (behind), Pat Starkey, David Musson (with glasses), Margaret Sowter, Mary Meakin, Tessa Davidson (with plait), Jimmy Newnes, David Heseltine, Marion Coates, Keith Smith, Marion Reason, Brian Fitch, dk boy and Jim Ashton.

PHOTO from Robin Jones. Class that started in 1946.
Photo reference: 1951-rj-School_Photo