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Panoramic and Form Photos
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1951 - Class 2a
BACK ROW ( 2 boys): Keith Breakwell, DK

5th ROW (5 Boys): DK, Ray Brown, Tom Syson, DK, DK

4th ROW (2 boys, Teacher, 1 boy): dk boy (with dark hair), Trevor Adkin, Miss Margaret Fewings (form Mistress - English and History), gap, Graham Hall.

3rd ROW (1 boy, 6 girls): Colin Taylor, Muriel Holme (dark blazer), (gap in front of teacher), Jane Edwards (with plait), Joyce Fletcher (glasses), Maureen Brown, Mary Sherwin, Barbara Downing.

2nd ROW (2 girls): Sylvia Osbourne , gap, dk Girl,

FRONT ROW (All sitting on the ground): Antonia Attwood, Morag Attenborough, Shirley Perry, dk boy (either Parker or Perkins), Marion Passey, dk girl, Caroline Marshall, Janice Allen, Margaret Higton (wearing glasses).

Photo from Christine Sykes
Photo reference: 1951-cs-Class2a