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School Photographs
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1949-rw on ship
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On Board HMS Victoria and Albert
BACK ROW: left to right; number 3 Hayden Wyatt, 4 Keith Stevenson (dead), 5 ? Foster, 6 "Pom" Horton, 7 John Windley

3rd ROW: 2 Timothy Williams, 3 John Harding, 5 Ted Dyke?, 6 Ray Webster, 8 ? Fowke, 10 Colin Sanderson, 11 Shirley Jacques.

2nd ROW: 3 Max Woodward? 4 Mr Mansfield, 8 Keith? Bradley.

FRONT ROW:1 David Marshall, 3 David Williams, 4 Keith Ellis?, 6 Terry Parker?.

Above caption is from Keith Reedman who says: 'Many of these are uncertain so corroboration is probably needed.'


The HMS Victoria & Albert was the old Royal Yacht berthed at Portsmouth and we spent 2/3 nights on board sleeping in hammocks. Photo from Ray Webster. Additional names from David Marshall.
Copyright:: Ray Webster
Photo reference: 1949-rw_on_ship