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Long Eaton Grammar School

First Floor Plan with links to rooms
the old art room at Long Eaton Grammar School

First Floor Plan 1911 - 1935

Long Eaton Grammar School Upper Floor 1911 - 1935 Men's Staff Room Chemistry Lab c. 1915 School Hall c.1915 upper corridor - 1915 Art Room c. 1915 The Kitchen - Upper Floor East Wing

First Floor Plan 1935 - 1967 (Science Block not shown)

Upper Floor Plan old balcony area small room rear of balcony area room 22 corridor would have overlooked the Hall corridor and balance rm door balance room room 26 corridor to rm 17 caretakers wc store room room 17 corridor from middle stairs short corridor to room 23 room 24 wc between rooms 23 and 24 room 23 store room next to stairs stairs room 11 room 12 room 13 room 14 room 14a west upper corridor chemistry lab store room room 19 room 20 library room 25 store room 27 small study room 28 small study room room 21 S2 - stairs leading down stairs - s3 - down room 16 Hall from the balcony store room
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