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Long Eaton Grammar School

List of Rooms - at different times
plans of the Long Eaton Grammar Ground Floor Plan first floor plan


Table showing the use of each room at different dates
No. 1910-30


from Bill Stenson

1956 - 7

from John Spencer


from David Wardell


from John Simpson

1 Cookery

Domestic Science
Miss Henley

  Domestic Science Geography

Miss Silk (Swiss Milk)

3 French (murals) Form 1b Robert Noble Class 1c form room   History
3a   Senior Girls Cloaks      
4 Tudor (murals) Form 1c? ? Class 1b form room   History
4a     door to playground Girls Changing Rooms Human Facilities
4b   Female Prefects   Deputy Heads Rm (Mr Calton) Staff WC
4c   Girls' Changing room
added c.1940
5a   Junior Girls Cloaks   may have been girls Cloakroom Years 10 &11 Directors of Study
5 Milton (murals) Form 1a ?
for Sat morning detentions   Music
5b   Headmaster's - Mr F E Roberts (Drac)   Mr Gray's Office IT Support
6 Chaucer (murals) Form 5b Miss Rhys-Evans (French)     Performing Arts
6a   Junior Boys Cloaks
Senior Boys Cloaks Boys Cloakroom  
6b   Boys Changing room
added c.1940

Junior Boys Cloaks with door to playground

Boys Changing Rooms Maths Faculty
6c   Male Prefects - room under stairs
    Store Room
7 Lace (murals) Form 2a Mr Crompton (Crumps)(Latin)     Maths
7b   Electricity? Room - O/S access      
8   Form 3b Mr MacDonald (Mac) (Math)     Maths
9   Form 4b Miss Drake (English)
10 Woodwork Woodwork Mr Anderson (Jock)
11 not built yet Art Room Miss Drake / Summers
  Art Lanuages
12 not built yet Form 2c ?
class 1a form rm   Lanuages
13 not built yet Dining Room/Form 2b
Miss Cambell
  Class Rm . Also Housed Projection screen
14   Dining Room/Form 2b
Miss Cambell
  Could form one room with Rm 13
15   Kitchen   Contained Projection Room for Rms 13 and 14
15b not built yet Balcony - open to hall (blt 1930) for 6th forms during assembly

Open Balcony to old hall -U6th
Extended in 1969? 6th Form rm

made into U6th common room c.1970 latterly English
16   Ladies Staff Room   Female Staff room English
17   Mens Staff Room   Male staff room
18   Chemistry Lab - Mr Auken (Ikyy) /Pritchard   Chemistry Lab
19 not built yet Tiered room Physics Mr Rogers   Demonstration Room (Old Physics lab), IT
20 not built yet Physics Lab Mr Rogers U6th common room UVI room?
21   Library L6th common rm UVI room IT
22 Art Room Biology Lab Miss Turner/ Mr Prichard   Art Business
23   6th form - Mr Mansfield (Tashy) (French)     Careers
24   Office - Mr Mansfield Deputy Head tuck shop    
25 not built yet Main Physics Lab - Mr Prichard physics lab
26 not built yet (probably not built until later?)   Chemistry Balance (weighing ) Room - above Stage Storage
27 not built yet Store Room?   small room / store  
28 not built yet Office - Miss Taylor - Girl's Headmistress   small room / store  
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