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Comments from those unable to come to the Last Detention School Dinner and Tours

(3rd and 4th December 2005)

Hello John,

Could you please pass on my greetings and best wishes to all those attending the Last Detention Dinner and especially to those whom I knew during my years at the school.

We shall be thinking of you all – have a wonderful time.


Dennis Godfrey


It’s a shame I can’t make the reunion. But here’s wishing everyone a load of fun together.

I’m one of the people who really enjoyed being at LEGS

Ann Robertson 1966 -6th

Alas, being in Canada makes it a bit tough to be there for a weekend. No doubt there will be many memories shared and it would be cool to see the old farts again. Perhaps another time, but please convey my best wishes to all who are there in or who are absent.

Andrew Adamson (1967? 6th)
Kelowna, Canada


Dear John,

Thanks for all your hard work in running the web site.

Unfortunately I can’t make the Last Legs do because I’m committed elsewhere please send my best wishes to all those who do attend & especially those who served before the mast from 1959 – 1966.

Kind regards,

Chris Hallsworth - Year Leaving School: 1967

Hi John,
Sadly wont be able to make it as I now work in the United Arab Emirates.
Kind regards
Richard Summerfield

Richard Summerfield ()
Year Leaving School: 1967

Dear John, Thanks for all your information - unfortunately bit far to come from Australia for a reunion - one day perhaps.... Janet
Janet Cronin (Smith)
Year Leaving School: 1959

Hi John.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend The Last Legs event. I was in the UK last Christmas and the bank account is still recovering from that trip!!!!

Will there be a message board at the "do" for those who can't make it in person?


Richard Miles
(Western Australia) 1968 -5th

Hi John,
sorry can't make it to the reunion, unfortunately too far away for a second visit in 1 year. Hope you have a good response,
all the best

Michelle Jackson (Knight)
Year Leaving School: 1975

Hi John
Sorry neither Kathy or Alan will be able to make it to the reunion as we are still over in NZ. However, hope you have a great time and that any old classmates are all still in top health.

Alan Gregg (1962)
Kathy Gregg (Owen) 1963

No John I am unable to come. I would have replied if I had been able to. Hope you have a nice time.

Lynda Dunmall (Peel) 1965 -6th

Hi John,
Thanks for the info regarding the last LEGS do. Unfortunately I can't be in England at that time.

Carol (Eggleton) 1968 6th

Hello John,

Just to comfirm that I will be unable to attend because of location and workload. I wish that I could be there. I look forward to seeing some photos and hopefully obtain some contact information for old Legs friends who are not listed on Friends Reunited.

I admire you taking this on. It is a tremendous amount of work. I wish I could be there to help you with it.

Good Luck, Take Care

Phil Taylor (1968 - 5th)

Hi John

Sorry, won't be attending - on holiday in Cuba!


Richard Patching 1970 -6th

Hi John

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend December 3rd/4th. I am away in Lancashire at a 40th wedding anniversary. However I will keep in touch. I trust there will be coverage in the local press.


Peter Leivars (1957)

John: Just a quicky. I can't be there - wish I could. As you know, we
will be over at Xmas - haven't finalized where we will be when in detail

John Richards 1967 -6th

Hi there John,

Sorry I haven’t replied earlier. I’m still uncertain whether I can get to the reunion. I’d certainly love to, but as yet I’ve made no bookings. Friends have certainly been in touch and so it’s not for lack of info ( not to mention your great work!)

I work as a translator and interpreter and am in Chicago at the mo. But I’ll be back in Berlin next week. Then I’ll have a better idea of my future schedule.

Hope to see you soon,


Ann Robinson 1966 6th

Hi John. I shall be unable to attend and wrote to the secretary to apologise. I also suggested that she fix up a notice board with our eMail numbers so that attending old scholars can contact the unfortunate ones if they wish to. She said that this would be done. Keep up the good work. Ken.

Ken Fisher
Year Leaving School: 1955

Alas, I simply cannot get away from work in Belgrade.

James Sutherland-Smith
Year Leaving School: 1967

Really sorry but I am unable to make it - hope it is a great event
Youth Sport Trust
Sue Campbell - Year Leaving School: 1967

Dear John

Wish I could attend The Last Legs Do, but unfortunately does not coincide with any planned visits to the UK

Hope you all have a good time, look forward to hearing all about it.
Best wishes

Anita Loxley (Wormsley) Year Leaving School: 1959

Dear John
Thank you for your E-mail detailing the reunion.
Sorry that I will be unable to attend - bit of a long
journey from Argentina where I live.
My best wishes to all attending ( who may remember me
) and hope you all have a wonderful time reliving our
past school years at Long Eaton Grammar.
Steve Burton

Steve Burton 1969? 6th?

I enjoyed the visit - it was both happy and sad. I hope the old school is put to some good use - a museum would probably be ideal, but I think conversion to apartments is more realistic. Because it is a listed building, there are not supposed to be any changes to the interior, but I cannot see any useful purpose, other than a school, for the interior as it is.

It looks like I will not be there in December but I look forward to hearing others opinions of the old place. Take lots of pictures for us!

Best wishes,


Eric Marshall 1970 -6th

I would have loved to come over for the Last Detention Dinner and see the school but it's really the wrong time of year for me. It's not as though I can pop over for the day !!
I'm sure I'll get the low down from a couple of old school mates who are going and of course I hope to see a good range of photos on your excellent web site. Keep up the good work it is much appreciated especially from the Antipodes.

Cheers Peter Harrison
Peter Harrison 1953 form 6G

Added by Monica Newman on 16/09/2005 06:56

Thanks for the invite.Sorry that I will be unable to attend (living in Cyprus).However, I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me from 1964 to 1967. Monica Hoyle (nee Newman).

Added by Paul Coulson on 20/09/2005 01:18
Unfortunately I cannot come (working in KL Malaysia), would have loved to see inside LEGS again, it would be the first for 50 years. I visit my father in Draycott 4 times a year and often make a detour to pass by the old school.

Added by Kay Cotton on 12/10/2005 19:19Reunion
Sorry am living in the USA but I will be with you all in spirit, lots of happy memories in that building.


I would love a chance to visit both the school, but will be away in China on the Sunday 4th Dec.

Are there any other oportunities to visit the school?


Antony Cotton (left 1983 U 6th)