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LEGS Memorabilia
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It's a list of "autographs" from class 5b, completed at Grange annex in July 1966. Chris Jones has sent an interpretation and as it's all in nicknames - he knows most, but not all:
Tates- Paul Taylor, Jar- Alan Jarvis, Ping Pong- David Ripping,
Snig- Chris Jones, Paques- David Parker, Burt- Stephen Burton, Fig- Trevor Gyngell, Bonzo- ?, Cowman- Piers Smith,
Bruin- Michael Brown, Tench- John Temple, Fossill- Brian Boswell, Walt- Alan Willis, Whit- Alan Whitworth, Tootes- Richard Tivey, Broady- John Broadbent (deceased), Doe- Ian Dover, M- Stephen Cooper, Tigs- Steven Rigley, 3 Balls- Rob Toulson, Bean- Keith Hazzledine (deceased), Nero- David Down, Tomo- Alan Thompson, Lucy- Stuart Locker, Plus one indecipherable (Robert Coverley?). From Chris Jones and sent in by Barbara Hilton.
Photo reference: membh1966-01