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LEGS Memorabilia
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Sixth form songs 0002-1952
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Sixth Form Songs 1953 - sheet 2
Sent in by Keith Goodman - Sixth Form song that we sang in 1953 and 1954. The Sixth Form Christmas Party was an occasion when we were allowed to be slightly disrespectful towards the staff. It usually took the form of a song specially composed for the occasion sung to a popular tune. The tune for the typewritten one is "Clementine" but I cannot work out the tune for the hand-written one. It seems to carry some marking on the bottom line which might indicate where the tune had to be forced to the words.

The staff usually managed to get their own back. One year they managed to take all our photographs by some subterfuge and these subsequently appeared in a jungle scene painted by Mr Sanders onto a stage back cloth. All the photographs had been superimposed on the bodies of various animals and birds suited to the individuals' characters. The couples going out together were pictured as lovebirds sitting close together in the trees and naturally there were monkeys galore.
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