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LEGS Memorabilia
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Sculpture-by Colin  White-1969-CW
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The Sculpture by Colin White that stood outside the Art Block.
Says Colin White: This must be from the Advertiser September 1969, the year I left LEGS. I have many reasons to be thankful to Charlie Forster, who promote my interest in sculpture. He arranged for me to spend an afternoon per week at Derby Art School, I would leave school around 11.00am catch the bus into Derby stopping off for a cheap Chinese lunch, 3/6p if I remember correctly and then spend the afternoon wallowing in plaster and clay. He also arranged a visit to Lincoln with a professional sculptor, Witold Kawaleck. (spelling dubious). He was one of those LEGS teachers who went out of his way to help.

Another top guy was John Davey; Many, many years into my teaching career he was invited to speak at my school about Inspection, as an inspector myself we shared a platform and a surreal and treasured memory.
Photo reference: Sculpture-by Colin _White-1969-CW