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LEGS Memorabilia
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LEGS-GCE Results1965
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Waiting for Exam Reults Summer 1965
Does anyone recognise themselves here? Some comments from Facebook are contradictory. Immediately below is my best guess.

LEFT to RIGHT: Ken Lomas (hands in pockets), Alfred Plumb, dk (face partly obscured), Big Grin: Joe Waring, Terry Baxter, Yvonne Pickering, Jeramy Smith (boy Behind), dk Boy with glasses, dk boy, Norman Walker (Holding Jacket), dk boy with Glasses, dk in black, Alan Galinski (Tall boy), Gaynor Bartram, dk girl , Hilary Sinclair (looking surly on the right)

Comment from John Richards: The guy standing in the foreground is Joe Waring. Centre holding the jacket is Norman Walker. Rear in front of the door is Alan Andrews. In front of the car grinning from ear to ear is Jeramy Smith. Extreme left rear – partly obscured off the frame- is Frank Derrick himself I think.

Says Trevor Wright standing far left ken Lomas next to Alfred Plumb, Joe waring looking at the camera with Terry Baxter

Joe Waring says: Trevor Wright you are correct, that is Lynn Gostick and the girl next to me is Yvonne Pickering.

Hilary Whaley says: Right hand side, 3 girls together, Gaynor Bartram, not sure of middle one, me (Hilary Sinclair) looking surly on the right

Geoff Carter says: Jeremy Smith to the right of Terry Baxter. Alan Galinski to left of the three girls

Long Eaton Advertiser photo from Frank Derrick LEGS 1967 U6th.
Photo reference: LEGS-GCE_Results1965