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No. 18 Gossamer July 1953
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Exam Results
University of London General Certificate of Education
(Ordinary Level)
B. R. Adams, en, f, h, (3) ; Christine Armett, en, el, f, (3) ;
J. A. Blackburn, 1, (2) ; J. H. Coulson, en, el, f, (3) ; Tessa Davidson,
by, h, (2) ; Patricia Dennis, en, l, m, (3) ; J. Domican, el, a, (2) ; E.
Gaskin, a, gy, (3) ; W. J. Geary, en, gy, f, (3) ; Ruth Gregson, h, (1) ;
W. R. Harrison, f, (1) ; A. J. Hind, f, (1) ; Jeanne Hollingworth, p, (1) ;
B. Jackson, f, (1) ; Jocelyn Kemp, p, (1) ; A. G. Kingscott, en, m, (2) ;
W. R. Pape, r, (1) ; R. Pegg, en, f, h, (3) ; Sheila Roberts, m, (1) ;
Janet Smith l, (1) ; A. R. Talbot, en, f, h, (3) ; M. Taylor, f, (1) ; Elaine
Wallace, by, h, (2) ; Jean Wallace, by, l, (2) ; Rachel Warren, el, (1).
(Most of the above are taking other subjects to Advanced Level).
Forms V and VIG
J. R. Bamford, en, h, m, pc, d, (6) ; G. E. Brailsford, el, c, (3) ;
Glenys Clamp, ds, (1) ; Joan Curzon, en, el, f, h, m, c, a, (7) ; Ann
Foxton, en, el, gy, by, ds, (7) ; Susan Gardner, ds, (1) ; B. Hazzledine,
m, c, a, (4) ; R. H. Jones, en, m, (5) ; Marlene Kay, en, m, by, (6) ;
B. M. Lawton, f, m, c, (3) ; P. Marshall, en, m, pc, (6) ; Jane Maxwell,
ds, (1) ; D. J. Musson, en, m, (5) ; J. H. Newns, h, a, (6) ; Gillian
Paling, ds, (1) ; Carol Perry, en, el, gy, f, m, a, (6) ; Patricia Pilkington,
ds, (1) ; W. Poyser, en, pc, (5) ; M. T. J. Pressman, en, f, m, d, a,
(7) ; Ena Purdy, ds, (1) ; D. J. Sharlot, gy, m, c, (5) ; B. Slatcher,
gy, m, c, (6) ; Mavis Smith, ds, (1) ; Patricia Starkey, en, h, f, m, (6) ;
Barbara Webb, en, el, f, m, a, by, (6) ; M. A. Woodward, en, h, f,
m, p, c, (6)
Christine Armett, m, (1) ; J. C. Barnes, en, by, (2) ; G. W. Birley,
en, f, (2) ; Mavis Blackwell, en, by, (2) ; Glenys Clamp, en, by, (2) ;
P. H. Dawson, en, f, (2) ; Leila Earl, by, (1) ; K. Goodman, en, (1) ;
Ruth Gregson, m, (1) ; B. R. Hunt, en, (1) ; D. J. Musson, f. p, c,
(3) ; K. Matthewman, en, m, (2) ; A. G. Matthews, en, f, (2) ; A. R.
Orme, en, f, m, (3) ; E. J. Osborne, en, (1) ; Mavis Smith, en, by (2) ;
D. C. Turner, en, f, (2) ; B. J. Waby, en, (1) ; M. C. Rickard, en, (1) ;
Jean Woodman, en m, (2).
(en-English Language, el-English Literature, gy-Geo-
graphy, h-History, f-French, l-Latin, r-Religious
Knowledge, m-Mathematics, p-Physics, c-Chemistry
pc-Physics with Chemistry, by-Biology, d-Geometrical
and Mechanical Drawing, a-Art, ds-Domestic Science).
The number in brackets after each name denotes the total number
of subjects taken by each candidate in the examination.

University Degrees and Scholarships
In 1952 the following old students were awarded degrees at
Nottingham University.
D. Bastable, B.A. in English (Second Class Honours, Division One).
R. M. Dunn, B.A. in German (First Class Honours).
N. T. Clamp, B.A. in History (Second Class Honours, Division Two).
J. N. Allen, B.A. Grouped Subjects (Second Class).
J. Legg, B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Second Class).
J. R. Housley, B.Sc. in Chemistry (First Class Honours).
C. A. Hobday, B.Sc. in Zoology (First Class Honours).
A. E. Alldridge, B.Sc. in Grouped Subjects (Second Class).
The following have been awarded Nottingham degrees in 1953.
Joan Allen, B.A. in English (Second Class Honours, Division One).
Beryl Freeman, B.A. in English (Second Class Honours, Division
R. B. Fuller, B.A. in French (Second Class Honours, Division One).
I. L. Bates, B.Sc. (Eng.) in Civil Engineering (Second Class).
D. Rogers, B.Sc. (Eng.) in Mechanical Engineering (Third Class).
Results achieved by old students who have gone to other Univer-
sities are not available at the time of going to press and it is hoped to
include them in the next issue of the Magazine.
Last year J. D. E. Patterson won a State Scholarship on his work
in the General Certificate (Advanced Level) Examination, and Rosemary
Bowyer and P. Considine were awarded County Major Scholarships.
D. Hutchings and Mary Turner gained County Exhibitions. This
year Considine has been granted a State Scholarship following the
winning of an Open Exhibition tenable at London University. Other
members of Form VI who were accepted for University courses were W.
Beswick, D. Bradley, D. J. Curtis, Joyce Harrop, D. Marshall, and
J. H. Spencer.
To all of these congratulations and the best wishes for the future.
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