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No. 18 Gossamer July 1953
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Exam Results 1952
Northern Universities Joint Matriculation Board General
Certificate of Education (Advanced Level)
W. Beswick (n, z), D. Bradley (w, p), P. R. Bryan (m, n), P.
Considine (e, f, l), B. J. Curtis (m, c, p), A. A. Horton (c, m, n,) P.
Hummell (m), D. M. Hutchings (w, p), M. J. Markham (m, p, w),
D. J. Marshall (p, w), J. D. E. Patterson (c. n, p), P. J. Sowter (c, b, z),
J. H. Spencer (c, b, z, m), Rosemary Bowyer (e, f, h), Mary Cooper
(e, t, d), Joyce Harrop (e, f, h,) S. Ireland (t, c, n,) Jocelyn Kemp
(c, n), Mary P. Malcolm (e, f), Mary Turner (e, f, t), Doreen Wallis
(e, f, h).
(e-English Literature, h-History, t-Geography, l~Latin,
f-French, m-Mathematics, w-Mathematics with
Theoretical Mechanics, p-Physics, c-Chemistry,
b-Botany, n-Biology, z-Zoology).
Photo reference: 18-Gossamer1953-02