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photo of Long Eaton Grammar School

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The legsreunited website is for pupils and staff who attended the former Long Eaton Grammar School. Opening on the 29th October 1910, it was then called the Long Eaton Higher Elementary School & Pupil Teachers' Centre with Samuel Clegg, the first Headmaster. In 1913 the School is renamed as the Long Eaton County Secondary School (LECSS) and in 1945 it became The Long Eaton Grammar School. In 1973 it became a Comprehensive, joining with the nearby Roper School. In 2006, the Long Eaton School relocated to Thoresby Road, and the Roper School was demolished and all the newer buildings at the Grammar School site were also demolished, leaving only the Grade 2 listed red brick building. This has been redeveloped to become the Mohan Business Centre, retaining many of the internal features. LEGSreunited is for those that wish to remember The Grammar School and contains many photos of staff, pupils, memorabilia and buildings.

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